Human Nature

Human nature is a complicated concept. It is the general psychological characteristics, feelings, and behaviors, regarded as shared by all humans. It is  special and complex, because its potential  of being compassionate, virtuous, and devoted but also can be greedy, selfish and cruel, And the enviroment is the factor that activates this potential.

Firstly, we should know the difference between good and the evil. A We can’t call a person is evil or good in just one action for sure but their reaction to different situations can bring us to the result because a persons reaction is the biggest difference in a good and a bad person. Generally evil people reacts and seek profit and tries to use people for their goal in different situations. Their characteristics can contain egoism, narcissism, sadism or psychopaty. But the good people tries to change the situation to a better way and cares about others. Generally a good person has honesty, politeness, kindness and generous.

In fact, people do all their actions for themselves. I think so because even when we do a favor for a person, we do it to feel ourselves virtuous.That is why I think humans are selfish creatures, we just care about our comfort and profit even if we think that we care for other people. Actually, people who do bad things often tend to believe that their actions are normal or good. Or they think their behavior of evil is not such a big deal.

The enviroment has a vital place in the psychology of a person. The culture that we belong, our political view, country that we live, characteristics and the most importantly, what happened to us can effect our evilness. For example, if someone had an accident and the world took the people away that he loved, maybe he wants to hurt the world back and tries to take some kind of a revenge. And the world we live on, is not always fair. Maybe we are not born evil, but our experiences and the world forces us to do it under some conditions because it is always easier to be evil and it is always harder to be good, that is why I agree Thomas Hobbes.


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