Human rights

I will talk about one of the issues on our agenda, and perhaps one of the most important, is whether there is a distinction between men and women. There are many discussions going on on this subject, and to clarify the subject, both genders do not have superiority in rights and law over each other, and this will always remain so, but they have superiority over each other in other respects. For example, while men are physically stronger than women, women are physically stronger than men. more resilient, men are generally more disorderly while women are more organized, men are more interested in technological gadgets and women are less indifferent, while men are more interested in car mechanics and driving, women are less curious, and finally, men have more difficulty in this regard, while women are more comfortable doing housework. Of course, these are all generalizations, there is no such thing as always going to be like this, but usually it is like this. While men are more interested in sports such as football and basketball, women are more interested in sports such as volleyball and gymnastics. These are the differences between the two genders. For example, while women do not have any activity in motor sports, men are less mentioned in activities such as dance and ballet. As a result, these are the differences and advantages of the two sides to each other, but certainly neither side has more rights than the other. If we go back to the agenda, our women have as many rights as our men, and let’s not push them to the lower gender position and become a patriarchal society.

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