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Human nature is shaped by social relations. In this process, we constantly encounter a competitive system and the competitive system makes you competitive. That is, a person cannot be inherently good or bad. If human nature was selfish, civilizations and relations would not change, and with this logic, everything would remain the same. It is social relations that shape human nature.

Human is evil. I can’t even imagine what would happen in a few months if there were no laws, no general rules of society if we all started to live like the first humans.

Human is inherently evil. Evil is as much human emotion as goodness. In fact, evil is only peculiar to man on earth. So this shouldn’t be too surprising. No dog, no crow, no bacterium would say “I don’t like person x” and go and do harm. Of course, I am not saying that we should do evil just because it is human. Morality and conscience are also uniquely human. It is necessary to use it and avoid evil. At the point we call the essence of the matter, I think that evil exists in the essence. It is much more logical to assume that the moral and conscience system is formed over time. He also pretends to be nice to those he knows he can’t get the upper hand on, just so they don’t call him “loser”.

There are those who say that human nature is selfish and arrogant, as well as those who interpret human nature for the better. But for me, the most special name among them; Thomas Hobbes. He is a philosopher who dealt with human nature and the state together. With the effect of witnessing the civil war in England, he made detailed studies on the “state of nature”.

In order to reach the level of a civilized society, people need normals. Thus, Hobbes reduced the existence of the state to human nature and tried to explain the human being, the smallest part of the wheel, based on political facts. In addition, this issue is a subject that separates political thinkers from each other. Evil is as much a human emotion as goodness.

I mean human is bad, he has always been bad. It has brought the extinction of many animals, changed many things that can happen on a planet, and now it is about to destroy that planet. It is uneducated and ignorant people who do the worst evil in the world, and those who consent to the worst evils against them are uneducated and ignorant people. That is, a person is born bad, learns good through education and becomes good.

According to idealism, human is innately good, pure. As you get older, life pushes people to be bad. According to realism, human is inherently evil. It’s in their genes to be bad. The strong crushes the weak, so people seek power.

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