For humanity to survive on earth is getting difficult day by day. Climate changes and the things which accompany the climate changes like scarcity and desertation threat the future humanity. So people have two ideas about this situation. First, some people think that  the earth will exactly destroyed. So  human has to create a civilization in the distant galaxies and spread out into the cosmos. İt is  the only way to guarantee humanity’s future. The other idea tells that we have to recover our earth’s problems and we have to effort for this. The people who defense both of the ideas has right points. Even if not the climate problems ,one day our sun will complete its life and will die. İt means that the life on earth will disappear and all the living things  will end. İn general a kind of  mammal species  live in average one million years. So one day human will be at this point. However unlıkely  human being is brilliant and smart and with their intelligence  they can find a solution to provide continuance of generation. This efforts, with help of NASA,ESA and some billioners like Elon Musk will give results. We often read and watch some news about the planets which is explored by NASA. They explained us that these planets are like our Earth and one day human can live there. İn fact the scientists defends that we should colonized in a lot of planets. By this we can guarantee our future. However it is not so easy. Because these planets are so far away from Earth and we do not reach a speed of light yet.

İnvesting a lot of money to a space dream make some people uncomfortable. Climate changes don’t end the humanity acutely but it is a big crisis which will destroyed the humanity in the short term. At that time space trips and settling in space projects don’t have benefits for human being. The problems that we have  are very serious and huge therefore we have to lay aside the idea of settling in other planets for a while. We search for another livable planet in Milky Way but we forget that we have a great Earth which has perfect gravitation, a breathable atmosphere and a protection from radiation. Beside this our sun has a million years of life at least. İf all the funds, using for space probes are used for recovering the Earth, all the problems will be solved.

Human has a sense of discovery and wonder. And this is a big reason of the researches of new worlds in space. But ” Go to space, save humanity” argument isn’t very strong. We must never forget that our Earth is precious and perfect. My opinion is for something which can be formed in the long term, we shouldn’t spend energy and funds. İt is more sensible to solve the short term’s problems of the earth. Galactic settlement project in the far future will not help the earth today.

İn the long term expanding into space could be a humanity wide project. A galactic civilization may lie in our future eventually and perhaps it could help to save our species. But wherever we end up the future will be shaped by the citizen of Milky Way with their desires.

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