Humanity Without Goverment

Many people discuss whether humanity can live without governments or not? Can people really live in peace without having any governemnts, away from the rules and regulations? If humanity can live without any goverment or sovereign people what will happen or humanity can live in peace.

It’s impossible to imagine because we do not have any examples taht we can see but when you try to imagine first you can say anyone can implement that to world because we are living under pressure of goverments. If goverments’ pressure is not much, this is not a big deal for it after this happen everything going to stay same beacause se never see this system before but when you can try to see future this start to make sense for you because you can’t see future of the future if humaity do not have goverment or sovereign people everyone needs to be equal but it is nearly impossible to humanity when we have limited source like nowdays I mean not like we do not have enough energy enough water source or enough food or something I mean humans source, like capacity of humans for example when the goverment disappear surely one of the human or group of human try to capture or try to be a goverment. This situation has never happened and until the world’s resources decrease this time real resources as everybody nows world will run out someday.

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