Hi guys! Today I want to share some information about something I learned in my science lesson: “GLOBAL WARMING!”

It is one of the biggest problems that we have as the whole world today. First, I will ask you a question: “What is the reason for this problem?” I mean why do we have this kind of a thing now? Let me answer it through the knowledge I learned from my science teacher Ms. Burcu’s class.

Sera gas is formed because of the gas that exits factories’ filters or classical lamps. As a result of this process, we have a problem that is called global warming. Now, let’s talk about the effects of this problem:

  • Ice caps are melting.
  • The level of water (oceans and seas) all around the world is increasing.
  • Some animals are facing the risk of extinction.

So far, we learned the reason of global warming and the possible results of it. Now let’s talk about how we can stop the development of this problem.

  • We can stop to use fossil fuels.
  • We can drive electric cars.
  • We can use less lamps and turn off the unneeded ones.

Now close your eyes and think about these precautions.  And then you need to give a decision about whether we can stop this problem or not.

According to me, we can and we should, but not with only one person. We should act together as a whole including everybody in the world. In such a situation, we can be successful and win this victory.

Don’t feel defeated. Be more determined for your own and your children’s future. Let any extra lamp you turn off become part of our future’s bright light.

Have a nice day and good luck in your fight against global warming.

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