Humans Against Rules

Starting from the first mankind, Adam and Eve, humans tend to do things that they are told not to. It’s simply human nature, we are tempted to do things more when we think we mustn’t. Children try to reach things that they know their parents wouldn’t alow them to have, teenagers with strict parents lean towards unhealthy habits and adults always wanna think against the system…

Laws in a country are established to keep the society peaceful. They are rules we are obligated to follow. However, the judgemental sytem nowadays is quite broken. Laws are not always followed through and people who break laws aren’t always punished. Which makes us think, “How do we stop these people from committing these awful actions?”

Some people may think the solution to this is to setting up stricter laws. While in theory, this could work, I don’t think it’s a sustainable solution. Laws are put by people who are in charge of society in general. So whoever is controlling us, can put new laws for us almost however they want and that is severely unfair.

To start with, there’s gender factor. A male president can not understand the seriousness of women issues; such as rape, assault etc. Even if they are aware of how serious the situation is, it does not affect them, so why should they bother to do anything about it? Let’s pretend they actually put out stricter laws though. What even is the point if the person who decides who’s guilty and who’s not is rigged anyways?

Another fact, which I think is the most important, is how people behave in general. We wanna do things we’re not supposed to do. We want to go opposite to the rules. It’s just like how teens with stricter parents tend to smoke, drink etc. earlier than their peers with chill families. If our current laws aren’t stopping people from committing crimes, then that means criminals simply know they aren’t gonna be responsible for heir actions. If we get going stricter laws, same people are gonna commit same crimes with more privacy. More lies and undercover acts. Unless we’re trying to make our society just seem decent and not actually make it decent, stricter laws won’t do anything.

In my opinion, we should teach kids basic human decency from birth so when they grow up they will know the severity of their actions. It’s not always easy, and it’s definitely not a guaranteed solution but if we succeed, then we succeed. If our kids learn better, then the generation after theirs will know better as well. We should teach kids to love and be kind. In order to do that efficiently, we should be better examples for them. Only then, crime rates will go down and who knows, perhaps we won’t need suffocating laws to have a peaceful society one day.

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