Humans are selfish

“Earth is dying, but what are we doing to stop it?” every day this question is asked by many. This is to spread awareness, right? But what is the point of it if there is no action taken that doesn’t cause harm? Are we just gonna switch our planet’s amazing nature because we ruined it? There is still a chance as we all know, why don’t we use it to the fullest when we still have time to do so?
Cars, factories, hunting, and so on, are we doing the right thing? Even I, as a person who will do anything for this planet, am using taxis, using a water source that seems to me unlimited, liking flowers that are being sold…I know very well for a fact I am not the best person and I am not taking any action either but in any way, I won’t shut up.

Some weeks before I wrote this a group of scientists was sent to prison for not shutting up, like me. They were sent away because they told the listeners the truth about our planet. Did you know that even NASA has no expectations for our planet after 2030? The scientists were telling this to the people who didn’t know it and were crying while shouting it. They told them this planet will be an inhabitable place for humans or any living thing in less than 5 years.

Of course, we are doing some things. As an example, by 2023 a lot of cars will be changed to electric ones. That might seem little but the effects of it will really be big but even though there are, like I said, actions that will have a negative effect. In the United States, abortion has been illegal again while there is overpopulation. Overpopulation means the earth is gonna get more and more consumed than it already is. “We’re at war with nature. If we win, we lose.” is a quote by Hubert Reeves. As time passes and I grow up to see how horrible humans are, I get to know why he said it.

It is not like even if all trees disappear on the surface we will be without oxygen because the algae are where the oxygen mostly comes from. But the animals? They don’t have big apartments as houses, they live in the nature, the trees and some in the glaciers. Wouldn’t you be sad if some big creature came and destroyed your home to make a home for themselves? I would think they were the most selfish thing alive. So, why? Why do we do things that we don’t want to be done to us? There are already enough hotels, restaurants and so on. Why do we keep on needing new ones?

These paragraphs show how humans are selfish. Not selfish as in not sharing a toy or anything we know, selfish as in not letting nature be nature. Maybe we should really go to mars before it’s too late for the actual owners of the earth to live in it.

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