“Life is too short to tolerate…” how would you continue this sentence? Usually, when asked this question people tend to think of negative emotions. But, why is that? Who even makes us feel those emotions? Humans. Life is too short to tolerate humans.

What is even a “human”? We call killers, criminals, abusers, or sometimes even family members for doing less than what was asked inhuman. So why do we need to tolerate such creatures our whole life? In school we face hundreds of “inhuman” humans that do nothing but leave us with trauma and insecurities, in our home we face them again with the same consequences, in our job we face them again, even when we are older we face them once again, we face them all the time. Are they even real? How are there so many people like that everywhere in our lifetime? What even is considered to be “real”? If we look at it we can see definitions such as the things we can see and prove that we can see it, then what about blind people? What do they consider as their reality? What about people in the past? Are they lying about seeing gods? Reality cannot be questioned by mere humans unless they want to go berserk because of the infinite amount of questions that are there. So the life we are living right, what is it all about? We are born, then we get sent into school until we finish our teenage years with stress which decides the life path that we must accept and continue with it, then we get a job as a consequence of our already decided path that we must work in until we can’t anymore and wait for our turn to die. That is the “perfect life” system and when you realize it, it really makes people want to end it all. See that? That was an emotion you felt as an effect of a human doing. The whole “perfect life” system was made by humans, that is why we are now in the situation we are in, make it good or bad, we have a path already written by someone else who is a human once again.

The “perfect life” system won’t be stopped unless all the human race goes extinct which seems soon to come true. So in the short time, we have, why don’t we go just a little out of this system? The worst that can happen is our death, isn’t it? We are going to die anyway so what is it that doesn’t let us go just a little bit? It is us. Even if we hate it so much, in the end, we are human too. What a weird species we are.

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