Hunting: Sport or Crime?

Although hunting is seen as a sport in many parts of the world, hunting is a massacre, and unconscious hunting has many bad consequences. Unconscious hunting doesn’t affect animals but also environment.

“All birds count. Each of them has a place and function in natural life. All animals in nature are important and necessary for healthy forests; For example, Jays bury some of the seeds they collect into the forest. In this way, it contributes to the germination of new seedlings. In other words, he is doing a kind of forestry worker. Our forest existence is much more important than the pleasure of hunting. Everyone complains that there are no game animals left in the nature, each of these game animals is important and necessary for our forests. For example, the bird we call Cikla is actually a Juniper bird, and juniper seeds can only germinate in nature if they pass through this bird’s digestive system. In other words, Cikla birds are definitely needed for the existence of Juniper trees in our nature. If the chikla runs out, our forests will also disappear …  ” Says Associate Professor Ayberk.

Hunters cause injuries, pain and suffering to animals who are not adapted to defend themselves from bullets, traps and other cruel killing devices. Hunting destroys animal families and habitats, and leaves terrified and dependent baby animals behind to starve to death.Because state wildlife agencies use hunting, trapping and fishing licenses as a source of income, today’s wildlife management actively promotes the killing of wild animals, and joined by a powerful hunting lobby even sells wildlife trophy hunts to those who enjoy killing them. Wildlife management, population control and wildlife conservation are euphemisms for killing – hunting, trapping and fishing for fun. A percentage of the wild animal population is specifically mandated to be killed. Hunters want us to believe that killing animals equals population control equals conservation, when in fact hunting causes overpopulation of deer, the hunters’ preferred victim species, destroys animal families, and leads to ecological disruption as well as skewed population dynamics.

Ways You Can Help Stop the Illegal Wildlife Trade

1- Ask Before You Buy

If you are unsure ask the vendor what the clothing, jewelery etc. is made of.

2-Pledge your support

There’s strength in numbers. Stand with organizations which urge governments to do more to stop wildlife crime in their countries.

3- Report any illegal wildlife trade

The world is much smaller thanks to the internet and now it’s easier than ever to report illegal wildlife trade when you see it. Started by the Elephant Action League, Wildleaks allows anyone to anonymously report wildlife crimes around the world.

These are just some easy ways that you can help to stop the illegal wildlife trade but if you make more researchs you can find more ways to help. Just be aware whats going on in the world and spread awarness.

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Hunting: Sport or Crime?

Does humanity desire to participate in the natural cycle again, after all this time, or is it just another meaningless attempt of man-kind to prove how mighty and invincible it is among other species by the demonstration of murder of innocent lives? It is currently a heated discussion being argued about over and over, since many environmental activists are willing to take action against many fans and players of the ‘hunting’ sport whilst the sport, itself, is popular and quite beloved for many.

I, personally, am fully against the idea of killing animals for fun and hiding this extremely obvious fact by underlining that it is an accepted sport. Hunting is not acceptable! Moreover, it is illegal in many parts of environmental-friendly countries where the area serve as habitats to different kinds of wild animals. Considering all the animals that are in risk of extinction and that are possibly will be on that list very soon, this enormous ignorance about the balance of nature, food cycle and most importantly murder of animals that are not needed for survival; is nothing but contionous, unbearable greed of humanity. There is no doubt that, there will be prices we need to pay if hunters continue to commit uncountable crimes while defending that they were a part of a ‘sport’.

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Unfortunately, many supporters are major reasons of the existence of this sport. They defend the idea that hunting is a natural instinct that humans cannot and do not need to control. It is claimed by many, that hunting is already a part of the cycle and animals are already classified as preys and hunters. I would kindly ask my readers to reconsider the age we are living in, that some most certainly are not aware of, and whether the prey we hunt in this type of sport is beneficial for our development and lives. We already have unnecessary amount of animal farms that support  the economy and industry of food. Consequently, the sport is neither an instinct for survival nor a part of the cycle.

On the whole, ‘hunting’ is an undeniable crime, a disturbance of nature/natural beauty and hence cannot and must not be considered as a sport legally.


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