I am Self-Sufficient

Equality. In fact, although it is very clear, it is a word adopted by people in different stereotypes. Respect, justice, tolerance… These are all words we know. Which one preserves its meaning today, which one fits into our actions?

Ignorance is so high in the society we live in; they have been trying to hide their ignorance behind the patriarchal mindset they defended to death for years. Men are always cherished, women are treated as servants, and born to do so. There will be neither equality nor justice unless our people, who obey every word uttered by the ignorant people running our country, are not educated. The concepts of equality and justice do not include only law-based equality and justice, and these concepts are not shaped according to people’s thoughts or wealth levels.

“A woman needs a man.” is also another common thought in our society. No, they do not need it. If we look from the past to the present, men and their dominance have always been at the forefront. For this reason, feminism emerged due to the difficulties experienced by groups considered as “disadvantaged” in the past. This trend, which asserts that women should be equal with men in terms of political and social rights and tries to realize this, has been put into a pattern that is believed to defend women have superior rights over men. However, the perception of society that feminist people are trying to create is not different from trying to make women count as individuals even without a man. People who knew that their thoughts were unfounded continued to support the patriarchal social structure. With the people who continued to defend this, discrimination also started to appear, and women and men started to be distinguished by using comparative adjectives. With it, gender continued to symbolize power and domination. Afterward, “Positive Discrimination”, which is defined as the measures taken to compensate for the current disadvantages that came to light with discrimination and the disadvantages arising from the past discriminatory treatment started to emerge. In later times, positive discrimination started to be used as a method of combating all kinds of discrimination, and agreements were made to eliminate discrimination against women and these agreements stated that temporary special measures taken to ensure de facto equality between women and men would not be considered as discrimination.

In order for the welfare of a country to increase, a woman should not be compelled with a man. People are individuals alone and nobody has more rights than anyone else. “I have a lock on my door, my windows have alarm and bars. I don’t need a man to protect me. “

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