I want to be Jeff Bezos. The first reason is maybe he is not as rich as the families like Rockefeller but if you look as a person he is in the first 3 rich people in the world. I want to be Jeff Bezos and donate my whole money to Ilgaz. With this, I will be rich and I would buy anything that I want. And now let me tell you why I didn’t choose someone richer than him.The reason is that Middle Earth ages 2 age is Jeff Bezos’ and he is making a TV show about Middle Earth. When I’m saying Middle Earth I meant Lord Of The Rings LOTR. Contains a little part of Middle Earth. Middle Earth is 20000 years and LOTR contains only 100 years and also every year from 20000 is very important generally. Tolkien has 2 known books and these books are on of the top 3 most read books. And another feature of these books is he only published 2 books while he was writing it but he kept hundreds of notes alongside. These books and Tolkien’s son combined these and made a book with this. Tolkien has almost 80 books and also is a very story that its author died at age 81 in 1873. And his grandson also died. My purpose is not letting to the wrong hands to have this beautiful literature work and make its TV show because I can’t trust these new producers even they have not read one book of it. I have memorized 20000 years of history against this still. I am studying Middle Earth for 2-3 hours per day my Middle Earth knowledge is way more much than my normal lessons. And I don’t want them to ruin this masterpiece by adding new things to it long story short this is why I want to be Jeff Bezos. And finish this masterpiece while this, I will send money to myself.

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