I Wish…

The New Year is on the corner, we are living the last days of 2020. I’m so excited about the new year because New Year means new hopes and new beginnings. We have been through so many things this year, probably things that we can’t imagine.I’m looking forward to 2021The best thing about starting the New Year is that no matter what you went through the previous year,even if you made mistakes,even if things didn’t go the way you wanted them  it’s a good chance to start all over again.

I have a lot of expectations for the new year because this year was very different from my plans. When I look at today’s conditions, I wish health to the whole world.This period was an indication of how important health is to us.Our health is the best gift ever given to us, and we couldn’t realize it all these years.

I want the new year to bring us love. I want us to be filled with love;I want everyone to approach animals,nature,people and children with love.Because love makes everything beautiful.

    I want the new year to help us be a little more unbiased.Because most of the time we are afraid because of our prejudices and we can understand things wrong.Maybe we can’t completely break the taboos that have been with us for centuries, but small advances are part of progress.I want it to be a year where we listen and try to understand each other more.

I think the New Year is a good time for our lives to become more productive.Instead of focusing on problems and issues that upset us, let’s focus on solutions and issues that make us feel good.

When we consider all these we have to be more thankful.We are growing,healing,learning and discovering ourselves. It is a year in which we try to understand ourselves a little more,return to our essence,realize the beautiful things around us,gain awareness,do things that make us happy and good for us,believe in progress,believe in ourselves and what we can achieve,have surprises with us,be grateful to our body and our lives every day.

Dear 2021, please come up with all your precious moments and feelings! Let it be a year in which our belief,hope,and happiness are renewed!

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