Ideologies and Salary Inequalities

Capitalism and communism have been the two “great” ideologies that have been applied on the earth. For some people, communism was much equalist, fair and beneficial for all, despite the fact that there was no successful application of it. Capitalism, on the other side, was lesser equalist and more justified. It also had some successful applications which are used the most in our time.

Do you know why do people like any of these ideologies? The answer is almost the same as any other reason, personality. If someone has a humanist, equalist and fair personality that person is more likely to prefer communism. However, if that person has a materialist, non-humanist and justified personality, that person is more likely to choose capitalism.

So, what is the main idea that distinguishes these two ideologies from each other? The answer is income differences. Each of these systems’ incomes differs because every ideology has its own way of paying people. For example, in a communist country, everyone gets the same salary. Being a doctor, an engineer or a street cleaner does not matter, the only thing you need to do is work.

The main problem these kinds of systems do is underestimating the job that is harder than any other. Imagine that you have been cleaning the streets for hours, you are tired after eight hours of work and going home. You did not do anything special and you have sixteen hours left for your own. If we subtract the sleeping time, which should be about seven to eight hours, you have eight hours left on your own. Imagine how could you use that time wouldn’t that be very beneficial or funny.

Then let us check the other job which is being a doctor. The average working hours of a doctor weekly differs but if we are talking about a communist system, they work about eighty hours a week. This might not sound like too much but it is almost one whole day longer than a street cleaners’ weekly working hours. Also, most of this time, ten to thirty hours, is spent without any sleep running all around a hospital to save lives. Without the stress and personal needs, these conditions could be easy to endure, but everything gets worse when we add those.

Also, you will be getting the same salary as the street cleaner who has much lesser responsibilities and one day shorter working hours compare to yours. I am not here to underestimate street cleaning or any other job, every job has its own pros and cons. What I tried to say was capitalism may sound much worse if you do not want to work, but that does not mean communism is any better.

Salary inequalities can be found in any system including the ones mentioned. But that does not change the truth which is the best choices we have are these two. And if we want to compare the best choices we have, we get to this point; in capitalism, you either work or starve, in communism you work and starve.

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