Man standing on chair measuring large brain with tape measure, illustration.


If I had an ability that could measure people’s features, I would have first measured my own features to know what I can do with myself. And I would have been more confident about myself and the things I used to think I couldn’t.
After that, I would probably measure my family’s features to let them know if they could actually do something they believed they could not just like I did to myself. After that, I would probably measure all of my friends’ features, so I could trust them more or less. I could even earn money by just selling people their knowledge about their features. But, probably no one would even believe me including my family and friends because it seems kind of impossible and ridiculous. Also, if I had this ability, I would probably be spreading on everywhere on the internet, social media and everything else. Actually, I don’t even know if I would want this power or just not care about it as it has the same number of advantages and disadvantages.

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