This thought has occurred to many of us since our childhood. Time Machine can take us either to the past or to the future. This gave a thought to me for a while. What if I had a time machine?

My family and I were discussing on this topic and we came with so many interesting and funny ideas. While we were discussing what to choose, past or future, most of us thought, “Yes, going to the future might be a bit risky since we never know how the world would be. But, at the same time, choosing to go to the past at least is more or less a known thing. Since we know the past, I prefer to go to the past time period.”

I prefer to go to the future: the year like 2090. You may ask why future? Because I’m interested in technologic development. Especially, I am curious about robots, I think they will rule the world. The robotics industry is improving day by day and I want to be a part of this important process. What I want to add to this industry is, I want to load emotion to robots. For example, robots can’t cry, get angry, or smile etc.  However, emotions are part of human life. The words can be null without feelings. If I explore how to load these emotions, robots can be more efficient.

As a conclusion, in order to invent this exceptional feature, I have to be a really good engineer. That’s why my main goal is to be a successful scientist.

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