If I Have A Large Amount Money

İf I get a large amount of money, I will work on mechanical items because I think our future will depend on mechanical stuff. Firstly I will do a deep reasearch and I will look. What are the popular at our time? My preferences are sideway to computer parts display card, ram like that because all over the people use computer at this times and I think if I upgrade this parts of computer, people want to upgrade their computer too. Then I will search for “what do people want?” I did some research and I saw like %85 of people have checked the speed of their computers . So I need to consider this option. Secondly I need to start some product so I need to some staff to work then I will do some part I will try to give a add to other company and social media so ı can reach to people for our sells when their income increase I search for good stuff and take them to our company then I bought more valuable part to increase our performance when I reach my aim on this sector in my country I try to open a new factory in other country so I can increase my sells and I can show myself to other company then I contract for sponsorship

so the other company do my advertisement. Thirdly  when I profit like %75 I open a new factory on other country and all around the world now my name and company then I try to engage in other sector like space sector and I hire some engineers in my space company and starts to build some rocket and satellite to search our space more detailed when ever I reach to richest person in the world when person wants an other things I do some  investment  to what people wants if I do this, all over the world start to use my products so “If I get a large amount of money, I will do like this”


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