First of all, I want to say my favorite comic book. It is “The Man Called Nova”. I do not know why but I like that comic book. I actually like Nova character. Because I think that he is so cool because he can fly, he is so fast, he has a lot of muscles and a lot more. Let me describe his physical properties. He wears a mask, a blue – yellow uniform, yellow boots, and yellow gloves. But while reading the comic book I think that “I do not like this scene. I wish I could rewrite this scene.” For example, while all of the other characters were fighting Nova was just watching them. He sits down to a corner and wait for the other scene. If I can rewrite this scene, I would write more fight scene to the comic book. Also, I think If I rewrite the comic book I would give Nova more super powers like teleportation or something else. yeah! If I had a chance to rewrite the comic book, I would do these changes.

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