If I traveled to a certain timeline, I would travel to around 2035-2040 because I want to see how the future is going to turn out. Even though I would choose to go and see the future, I would also love to see the past and meet people I couldn’t meet. However, If I couldn’t take the portal with me, that would be risky. So, that would be risky as I could get stuck in the past and be stuck there my whole life. Because of this, the future might be a better option for time travelling because there might be another time portal. To be honest, I wouldn’t travel so much. I would just look at what would happen in the future. If there were any important changes, then I would take notes to remember what will be gone and what will not be gone in the future. In my opinion, time travelling may cause a lot of problems since people will know what is coming for them and just hide or run away.

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