If I Was My Father …

I love my father very much. My father is so important and special for me. As a matter of fact, he is the most special man in the world for me. He never gets angry with me. He is always gentle, polite, sweet,             sympathetic, understanding, and kind-hearted. He always buys whatever I want. He never says this is expensive or this is unnecessary. He never says “no” to me, my brother, and my mother. I believe that he is the best dad in the world. Thank god, he is my father. I am so lucky.

So, if I could own someone’s life for a day, I would like to be my father. The day I took my father’s place, I would get up early in the morning and drive my children to school. I’d go to work and design big robots and machines. I would manufacture them and then take them to the factories and install them. I used to attend meetings. In this way, I would earn so much money.

Then I would take my children to the to İstanbul for football match between Galatasaray and Fenerbahçe. After the match, I would take them to Nusret Restaurant for eating Gold Meat. After Nusret Restaurant, I would go to the football grass field with them and play football with them. Then I would return home. When I get home, I would continue to play football with them in long the hall of our house. I am sure that it will very enjoyful. Then, I would play FIFA and PES with PlayStation. Finally, I would watch TV until late with them.

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