İf I Was On A İsland

Hi! Today I”m going to talk about “if ı was on a island what would 3 things that ı would take with me”.So this is a hard thing tho…but let s make a brain storm about it! These 3 things changes to a person, to a person. But today we will choose the most logical ones .First  of all ı would nt bring water next to me .İ would bring a water treatment .Then i would have unlimited water next to me! Let s look at our 2nd chance hmmmm..I don t need food cause ı can hunt, and eat a fish .No need for tent too i can find a cave or i can make it by wood. But… I will need some clothes right? So our 2nd chance goes to Clothes ! So… we should be very careful about our last chance,the third one will be i guess… a radio or a phone .But might be radio cause the phones charge run out faster then the radios so this is the end of our writing see you soon! 😀

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