If technology was out of date and it was not possible to bring it back, we would communicate by writing letters to each other as in the old days and communication would be difficult. There would be no safes in markets, restaurants, cafes, and stores. There would be no online education or online meetings, there would be no online shopping, and of course it would be very difficult for the whole world to get used to it.
In today’s conditions, we are so accustomed to technology that some people do business solely on technology. Some people are addicted to technology. Think about it, you are coming from work or school, or you are bored, wouldn’t you want to put on your headphones and listen to music that will fill your energy or comfort you? But this is not possible without technology.
Imagine that you are alone, and you are craving a meal that you do not know how to cook, but without technology, you can neither say it from the outside nor request it over the phone. You can’t even research how it’s looked at. Worst of all, if there was an assignment that you had to research, instead of going to the library, in order to save time, you would not be able to do that homework or you would have to cancel some of your plans.
In fact, the most important thing is not to be able to watch news on television because when you watch the news, you are informed about the daily events, but this will not be possible after the technology is removed. If technology had been removed, we would not have known about anything while we were experiencing them. Everything is very practical and important thanks to technology, for example laboratories and the developing medical sector for our health.
In the simplest terms, people learn what happens when they have a blood test or throat test, thanks to laboratories, but the health sector could not develop without technology. I mean, if technology was removed from our day and never returned, we wouldn’t be living in a practical world and life would be really, really hard.


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