If Time Wasn’t Relevant

I was fascinated when I saw the character use the superpower to rewind time in the series I watched the show wishing that I had such a superpower. If I were given the ability to have a superpower in today’s world, I would choose to turn back time. This feature could help me with anything.


For example, I spend less money on schools or wouldn’t even need to spend at all. I take the scholarship exams of the schools and shake all the questions. After the exam was over and the answer key was explained, I could easily memorize the answer key and rewind time. After passing the scholarship exam with full marks, I would enter the school with a scholarship. I wouldn’t have to listen to the lectures, I would come to school just to avoid being absent. For the performance, it was enough to pretend that I was listening to the lecture. I would only answer a question once in a while, and if the answer was wrong, I would comfortably look at my book and learn the answer and rewind time.

If I think carefully, I can also use it intelligently and never waste my time in school. I can easily earn a lot of money without school. One safe is enough for me in a free game. I would open that safe and rewind time until the item was something very valuable. But wouldn’t the result be the same if I repeated the same thing, yes, but there is a simple solution to this; I would do something different every time I opened the safe, and the result would also change, thanks to the butterfly effect. So, if a valuable item came out, I would sell the account for money. I could make money in just seconds as there are so many buyers for such things. And repeating this, I would have many accounts with very expensive items in my hands and I would sell them. Thus, I would have made a living and I would not have to deal with school.

But of course, this should have a limit. I wouldn’t use this superpower in social situations because it’s who you are that builds a relationship anyway. I wouldn’t want to have an unreal relationship with people, which wouldn’t be fun anyway. I would connect with my friends and be happy just like that. There must be ups and downs between friends anyway because they are the ones who establish a bond. If I exaggerated this power, life would have no purpose.

Living with infinite time in my hand would also mean that I could live as long as I wanted in my lifetime, but I wouldn’t. After I had taken care of things like money, I would continue the time as normal. Even if a relative or friend died, I wouldn’t bring them back to life because if that happened, it had to happen. Maybe I would rewind time to see them one last time, but I couldn’t go back very far, as I couldn’t move forward in time.

But it is not right to always think about the past. People who always look back instead of ahead are always unhappy because they always look at their mistakes and regrets. Besides, unfortunately, as I wrote, we cannot turn back time.

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