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Recently we have been discussing whether it is important for all students to have music lessons or not. So should we have or not? Some students think they have more important things to do and some believe it is need.

The main argument in favour of having music lesson is that it calms and relaxes students after other classes. Moreover music not only makes students more creative thinkers but also pupils who get music education are known for being able to concentrate easier and achieve higher results than others.

On the other hand the ones who believe they should not have music classes state they already have too much school work and adding another one would not help their A –levels. Furthermore they point out that music needs talent which not everyone has. Therefore it cannot be for everyone.

On the whole music lessons have more advantage than disadvantage. So there should be music lessons. But one improvement can be done is not forcing students who do not have talent in music.

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Currently changing our school dress code from mandatory uniform to school-appropriate casual clothing is the hot topic at our school. While the school administration wants discipline in dress code, students want to feel safe and protected. What do you think, should the uniform stay or go ?

The main reason why this argument was brought to the school council was the pandemic. With the global pandemic being around, some students are already concerned about wearing the same set of clothes every day to school. Researches have shown that the virus can live up to 48 hours on objects that are not regularly cleaned or changed just like school uniforms therefore they do nothing but spread the  covid-19.

On the contrary, the administration claims repealing the uniform will hurt the discipline and if the dress code has changed it would be complicated for them to keep up with what everyone had worn. In my opinion, this year was the year of sacrifices so it shouldn’t be too hard to take a little more time to check the clothes.

It seems to me that the administration is still not on the same page as we students. As wearing uniforms should not be a major factor in maintaining discipline, student’s health should be the top priority of the administration. With the reasons given to change school dress code being more sensible and understandable, I believe uniforms should go.


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