Is Good and Evil Within Us?

“Every person is born with good and evil within. The important thing is which one you go on.” I agree with this opinion because some people are good and some are bad. There is evil or good in the innate brain of man. In my opinion, when you choose evil and continue with evil, everything will be bad, but if you continue with good everything will be good. Some human events may affect their choices. People can choose to be good or bad anytime, anywhere. When we get close to an animal or even a plant, we get it.

A research is conducted with 3-6 month old babies to find out whether people are born with good and evil. They put 3 puppets in front of the babies. One of them tries to open the box full of toys, another helps to open the box. The other comes and closes just when the box is about to be opened. One is a good puppet, another is a bad puppet, and then they pass these good and bad puppets to the dolls. More than 75% of babies choose the good puppet. We are also aware of them when we are young. We are shaped by our environment, education and experiences. Hope you increase the goodness in you …

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