I’m Growing Up

I have not been alive in the world for a very long time, but I have experienced so many things in a short period of time. I have known mothers who cried, I have seen fathers who left and I witnessed the souls of my loved ones reached the sky while I was lying on the ground. Maybe I do not have the roads of life on my face but have you ever seen my heart? Have you ever touched it and have you felt how the lines taken shape? There are tears and laughter in my wrinkled heart, but do you think these are enough to make a person more mature? The thing that really makes us mature is being able to stand as a steel wall behind the decisions we make without fear, that’s why I wasn’t born yet.

Some people are born and they die. Some people are born, they live and die. I hate when life is described as a time period of a person breathes. Because this land is full of bodies carrying dead souls that think they are alive. You can keep taking breaths to 100 years old or you can die when you are a baby, it doesn’t matter. If you want to live, you should learn to give a pinch of love to someone without expecting anything in return. If you want to live, look up the sky and noticed how beautiful it is while you are trying to catch up with the morning shift. Answer me, can you sing the song of the birds with the same melody? Did you notice how the black cat was hungry that you passed by this morning? If you just walked away, tell me what is different between you and cobblestone on the ground? Probably you are going to say that you have memories which make you laugh and cry. However, one day your past memories will be dust in the air when you find something new.

The color of life is gray which is closer to black rather than soft pink. We do not live in fairytale so we cannot sing and have a fun all day long. As our biological age progresses, the responsibilities of being an adult sit on our shoulders. Some of us are even crushed under it. From that moment on, our soul begins to age. Now, the souls of people who can stare at their target without fear, are about the be retired. Nevertheless, the souls of people who do not have any goals, still play at the park.

I’m a pessimistic person. When I see a piece of black dust in a big white, I overthink about when the black dust becomes a storm. That’s why I used to avoid making decisions because I have never thought I could achieve and I could not find bravery in me. In fact, I was one of the people I always criticize until a while ago. However, I slowly started to grow up. Although I did not compromise my pessimistic personality, I am less afraid of the burdens of responsibility now. I guess I’m growing up…

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