In a lifetime, people always have in trouble because of the particular believes of being different or special. You can even look earth more widely in childhood but when we start to grow up, you learn and accept a lot rule which blocks your imagination. Therefore, do we need education for future or what we need? Coincidence or science laws?

If you ask me, I interpret school as an entire knowledge of past. However, the scientists, writers and philosophers created this knowledge by their imagination and the things which they did not know. To improve these, we need unknown that we consider about something. In addition, I am very sad to fact that the desire of discover extinct in younger generations. For example, I am asking, which way is more effective, discovering gravity by watching raindrops or reached information of g=G (M/R^2)? Lastly, system tries to make every one of students same thinking creatures but increasing amount lack of idea producer, only make our world worse.

Well, besides of these negative impacts, some activities like games or toys improves human brain via imagination. Drawing, designing or sculpture abilities of students improve and the products of younger generations make our world livable. Furthermore, we could prevent current issues with these ideas because if you know the path of labyrinth, you can reach exit door easily but this path works in only that labyrinth. Also, this labyrinths are repeating itself, I mean life compose unpredictable and infinite labyrinths.

“Natural selection will not remove ignorance from future generations.”

                Instead of educating children with bring and malfunctioning way, education could become so interesting by the help of the creative teachers and in productive looking class. Actually, rue education is the key of every one of insolvable issues. Unfortunately, we are facing some crucial issues today such as climate change, conflicts and wars, inequality and etc. but via strong education to stop these are not an unreachable things.

“The beautiful thing about learning is that no one can take it away from you” – B. B. King.

Consequently, because of false commands and decisions, younger generations and after that earth about to die. As a todays people, we need to take possession of our future generations by supporting them about their dreams.

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