Imagine A Hometown

I want a country

Let the sky be blue, the branch green, the field yellow;

Let it be the land of birds and flowers.


I want a country

Let there be no trouble at first, no longing in the heart;

Let there be an end to the sibling rivalry.


I want a country

No matter the difference between rich and poor, you and me;

May everyone’s home be safe in winter.


I want a country

Let it be wholeheartedly like living, loving;

If you get a complaint from the dead.




This poem of Cahit Sıtkı Tarancı has a more positive meaning than his other poems. This poem, which has a hopeful meaning, tells the longing for the country and the hometown of the writer’s dreams.

The country that most people dream of is a country full of beauties, without bad events, bad people and wars. When I read this poem, I imagine a lush forest in my mind. I think this forest is a homeland. The sun is out, the birds are singing and it is a very peaceful place. I wish all countries and countries were really like in this poem. If there were no bad people, if there were no wars and fights. If no one was under pressure. If there was no distinction between rich people and poor people. If everyone could love each other without expecting anything in return, without discriminating as tall  or short, underweight or overweight. A country or a world where no one is separated from the people they love would be very nice. Who wouldn’t want a world where no one hurts each other? I wish there was such a world that there was a cure for all diseases. If all problems had a solution. I wish everyone was kind and rich people helped poor people. If people were not separated from each other, even by death.

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