Gaining knowledge, doing and keeping in mind, memorizing are a few dictionary meanings of learning. Learning is a concept that we realize in every moment of our lives and that has no time and place. It is so different that sometimes you learn something new even from your own little one. Learning something new doesn’t always happen in school or any educational place. We start our lives from kindergarten to university and always gain new informations  every  second. Acquiring new knowledge and using old knowledge according to the situation in order to adapt to the constantly changing outside world is possible thanks to intelligence and learning, which makes humans superior to living things.



In the realization of learning, the more effective the individual’s own abilities are, the more effective the family environment, school, learning and teaching methods. For this reason, the main function of both the family and the school is not just to provide the individual with some basic knowledge. Main functions: To give the individual the power to use and develop the information he-she has acquired according to his-her needs is to raise individuals who can keep up with all kinds of innovations and solve every new problem.


Individual differences are of great importance in learning. Individual differences are of great importance in learning. Learning power is different in every person. Some people learn easily and quickly, forget quickly; some learn late, do not forget quickly; Some have difficulty in learning, some cannot learn at all. Learning power varies according to the individual’s intelligence, development and maturity level, situation and subject. And of course family structure.


In the face of failure, siblings also take the side of their parents and voluntarily adopt their attitude. But the unsuccessful child does not easily accept the intervention of his siblings. He may act aggressively towards them and feel that his siblings are taking away his parents with their success, and his negative feelings are exacerbated. If the level of success between siblings is different, such feelings are more common. The family environment causes such feelings to increase or decrease. The most important thing to do to reduce it is to stay away from comparing siblings. The significant difference between number of siblings and school success has been found. According to it, the school success of students with only one child or two siblings is to be higher than those of students with four or more siblings.

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