In Another Life

As usual, Myst woke up with the sound of her alarm. While rubbing her eyes, she realised that her mirror was shining brighter than usual. A reflected sunlight from the mirror was dazzling her eyes which was irritating and thanks to thats she was fully awake. Myst changed her clothes and her mirror kept getting brighter and brighter. The moment Myst looked into the mirror, she saw herself but it was way different from her usual self. The clothes she was wearing were making her look like a fighter. Myst got confused and kept staring. She looked into the mirror, without thinking she could get an answer, she asked “Who are you?”

Image on the mirror held out her hand and said “Let me show you.” Without hesitation Myst hold her hand and in the blink of an eye she was pulled inside the mirror. Myst looked around. There was no trace of that girl and she was all alone. Myst was in a forest with long trees. “If only I could climb up one of those I could at least figure out where I am.” whispered. She got close to one of the trees and she felt sudden urge to climb. Not knowing what to do she tried climbing and she was climbing pretty good, that was unexpected because she has never been the athletic type. She somehow managed to climb one of the high branches then saw a small village and decided to go there.

After 2 days of walking she arrived her destination. People were selling goods on their stalls and she saw quite interesting things. There was an auction in the centre of the town. The auctioneer was saying “This magical core has a high chance of having a ‘beast will’ ”. Which made people bid big amounts of money. She wondered “What was a ‘beast will’?” and kept on observing but her growling stomach did not let her stay there for too long. Myst was glad that her vision self had a full backpack. There were pretty useful items in there. She got into a restaurant and started eating. After sometime she started having flashbacks of her life in there. She found out that there were “hunters” who were cleaning dungeons and getting payed handsomely and she was one of them. Despite being a teenager if someone is reawakened which means accessing their magical core and being stronger than a average human then that person is claimed to be an hunter and could help people cleaning dungeons. She seems to have some bad memories about dungeons but she could not remember them clearly at that time.

After 3 months in there Myst got to learn more about her magical core and already got famous. Her sudden improvement took attention of so many people. One day she entered a low ranked dungeon and they safely made into the main area. If they could kill the boss then it would be over. Her teammates were stronger then her and that was supposed to be easy for them. In the “boss’ room” there were pretty high statues which made them shiver in fear. After that feeling, doors behind them were closed and they were trapped. The biggest statue started talking “Worship to the King!” Some people tried running away but other statues killed them. Everyone was terrified. Myst decided to do what the statue says. She got onto her knees and waited. Other people followed her and no one was killed so far. King seemed pleased and sudden fire started around them.There were no place to run and the doors which were closed before were open right now. But somehow fire around them started extinguishing. Some people tried to run away from that space but Myst shouted “Don’t go, it’s trap!” but she was too late. The more people left, the faster fire burnt out. Myst was sure that it was a timer related with number of people left. Guild leader said “Sorry to leave you here little one.” but he ran away. She was the only one left.

With the voice saying “Time is up!” she trembled in fear. King started talking “You have passed the test. You will be given a beast will of a dragon.” Then an egg appeared in front of her. Watcing the egg hatch was like a miracle. Apparently beast will is having an mystical creature’s power which makes that person stronger. After leaving the dungeon she found out that people who ran away coulndn’t make it alive. After the incident she got so many invitations from the strongest guilds but she refused them all because she was happy being alone. Her little dragon which she named “Queen”  kept getting stronger and bigger.

Time flied so fast. Myst and her dragon were already popular in worldwide. Myst got an request with a note. She would be rewarded with golds according to the note, it was a great deal.  With a group of fifteen, hunters got into the dungeon. All of a sudden they felt an overwhelming magical wave. Queen was alerted trying to figure out where the source is while other hunters were paralyzed due to the shock. Ant like creatures started attacking them. Ants were not easy to handle and five of them died in there. Boss was also pretty strong and his power made them paralyzed. Before they could react some hunters were also gone. Myst has never felt this terrified before. Guild master told them to retreat but it was no use. Alfred, he was from a noble family, started running away. And attacked guild members claiming that he should be the one who survives. That sudden change took members off guard and some hunters got seriously injured. Myst was the only one who could fight with the boss. She had to use her full power. She became one with Queen and was about to land the final blow. The moment she was about to hit to the ant she heard a girl’s voice. “You have done well, thank you.” said that sweet voice.

In seconds she was back in her room standing in front of the mirror. It wasn’t shining and it hasn’t even been five minutes in there. Myst was confused and thought everything was a dream but that felt so real. Myst decided to remember there as a part of a dream and never told anyone about her mirror.

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