After a devastating and frustrating day, I could finally reach my home. It was horrid because I got fired and broke up with my girlfriend. It was totally the worst day of my life. But, as you can guess, I know that I can deal with it. It can seem like I am an egoist person, however, this is the way I cheer myself up. I took a shower and got into bed. I fell into sleep as if I were a koala.

When I opened my eyes I was in Paris. I realised that I am in Paris because I saw Eiffel Tower through my windows. It was awesome. I told myself that I should go out and walk through the streets of Francé. It was the beginning of my mysterious story. I got dressed and ate something. After breakfast, I got out of the building and started to walk.

I asked myself how I could come here, but I could not remember how I came to Francé. It was not the first question I asked myself. Somehow I came across a fight which is very crowded. Even though I did not want to join it, I found myself in it. After the fight that has long around half an hour, I finally got out and resumed walking my way. Then, I reached into my pocket and found a piece of paper. It had an address on it. I read and then asked an artisan if he knew the address, luckily, he said that there is the back street that we are in now. When I got to the address, I found an old, bedridden house that gives a mysterious feeling.

I opened the door to get in and saw a case which was opened soon. I came closer and found a whirligig. I brought it and spun it because of my whirligig love. It could not stop as if it was the very perfect processed whirligig. After about two minutes I recalled the whirligig that was in the “Inception” (A Leonardo DiCaprio movie). And I heard a voice saying something in Japanese. I face a person that holds a pistol. After, I got killed even though I did not say anything.

I opened my eyes in my bedroom and look through my window. It all was a dream, like inception. But now, I am in the reality; even though I do not think so.

Orkan Selcuk

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