Income Distribution

The problem of income distribution manifests itself in different ways depending on the different conditions of the periods it has been a topic that has been addressed in every period of history by showing it. Even in primitive societies the problem of income distribution manifests itself and the resulting poverty problem manifests itself more clearly in today’s information and technology age. Much depends on the income distribution although different causes are effective, it is decisively proven that income injustice among people within the country is the most one of the important reasons is the management understanding of the segments that govern the country.

Especially social in medieval Europe, where there was a lot of class division, there were few people who ruled the country, and church employees who make all kinds of exploits on the religious issues have all the income of the country while they were happening, the income levels of employees were almost nonexistent. Exposed to this injustice, they also had no power to claim the rights of the section. With the development of industry, the family

Despite the fact that the authorities of their organizations are decommissioned, there is a large income gap between the owners of capital and employees whose differences began to form. In many countries of the world, the top earner has the lowest income with a 20% cut. 20% of the decimation of income injustice is growing every day, and among the states of the world this inequality is also growing. If there is a large inequality of income distribution in a country, it is necessary to use the resources of this country and it turns out that its distribution was done unfairly. Many factors affect the income distribution as a result, income distribution injustice also raises many problems.

This one of the problems is poverty. The resources used within the country and the resulting goods and the problem of poverty in countries that conduct the distribution of services in a fair understanding although it is not seen in countries and regions where income distribution injustice is high the problem of poverty, which is closely related to the world, is observed. For all these reasons, the income distribution should be adjusted by looking at the workforce.

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