Increasing and Decreasing

We want to decrease the level of crimes in a country, but how can we do it? Do we need to increase the number of prisons or decrease the rate of crime? No one will work because we cannot decrease the rate of crime because people always don’t care about laws.

If we only decrease the number of prisons, then nothing about crime rate will change because there will be no prevention for people to commit crimes. There will be no room for prisoners in prison cells so they will most probably be under house arrest.
Another option is that we could decrease the rate of crime but how? There is no certain way to decrease the rate of crime because if there was, it would be decreased by now. As in yin yang, there is always the bad in good so I

think it is impossible to decrease the rate of crimes. New laws can be applied, but we cannot guarantee that everyone will obey to new laws because prisoners would not be prisoned if they cared about the laws so it could be harder to apply the new laws too. Probably there is no other way than educating new generations.

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