Independancy with Religion

Is it possible that this emancipatory force can serve as an enslaving force by conforming to literal conditions? Unfortunately, this is possible, because this result is ineluctable when religion is converted into a means of establishing dominance, that is, a hegemonic power.

The fact that all social literal thinkers agree with is the following the social powers settled/ enslaved people under the chargesupreme task of Christianization. The investigation, the darkest ages in mortal history ( checking the conformity of produced study to the doctrine of the church and chastising the infelicitous with death), was also an domination of free minds by minds enslaved by religion. The events known as both the mihne and thecounter-mihne in the history of Islam are full of exemplifications of how the liberating religion was operated as an enslaving and condemning effective device. The motive behind this isn’t political as it’s allowed to be. On the negative, it’s related to the claims of knowledgeverity and works like this Verity is unique and I’ve it. Those who can not achieve this verity aren’t only those who can not find the verity, but also those who contend on the wrongThus, they shouldn’t be permitted because of their asseveration on this wrong. This is the spirit of the investigation, which first excommunicates those who don’t suppose like themselves, and also pulls them to the rope. He worked like this in the East and the West.
Although it’s possible to cut out these stations that are billed as religion by saying’there is a radical tone in religion‘, it’s also possible to claim that this spirit of servility is at the core of religionSo which is further correct? Since there are those who are at the contrary pole of this as well as the actuality of religious people who produce forbearanceforbearance and gospel in religion, it’s clear that it’ll be a mistake to attribute this to religion itself. We need to see that radicalism isn’t a belief, but a form of defending faith, but a fully wrong form. The fact that the radical form of religious defense is in all religious traditions refutes the thesis that it arises from the substance of any religion.

It’s seen that the Qur’an is brought before people with a converse that opposes the enslaving institutional order.” The demand for freedom“and”the fight against hunger have been the main themes of the first descending surahs.1 It isn’t surprising that barring the class of slaves created from people who were enslaved against their will and completed their lives without ever achieving minimal living norms and uncaging people is the first precedence of the Qur’an
The first exercise of religion as a liberating force is that it considers all people equal without taking into account their ethnical differences. The first rejection of any kind of demarcation and servility that can be done on the base of race is the egalitarian policy of Islam. The biggest liberating step taken on the base of’ mortal quality‘is this aeroplane of equivalency. The German championF.Hegel draws attention to this foundation of mortal quality when he says,” Islam deserves every appreciation for its idea that rejects only racismindeed if it has brought nothing’

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