Inequality of Workers

Inequality has been one of the most important issues of the past. All of the civil revolutions, most civil wars and some protests have been done in the past to overcome this issue in the past. However, not many countries have overcome this issue yet and still using their people like slaves because of cultural reasons.

For instance, 25% of people who work in Japan has an average of 80 hours of work weekly which means you need to work more than 13 hours 6 day to have a Sunday without any work. Japanese people have been known mostly for their loyalty to the authority and to their work which makes it a kind of cultural application to them. But is it fair for that 25% of people to work more compared to the rest of the workers in their country?

We know some professions which require long working hours each week or day such as doctors or firefighters. But is it really essential for those who really don’t save lives but make money for another person to work this much? Well, the answer isn’t that simple but of course differs from country to country.

Working hours is mostly an issue related to the country’s economy or currencies. For example, in a country that has unbalanced currencies or economical politics, the employers do not want to increase the salary of their workers for no reason but the currencies. So, they choose to also increase the working hours in which they do not lose more money for no reason. Unfortunately, they have to make money for themselves as well so this is how things work when the economy gets worse.

On the other hand, when a country has a well developed and balanced economy, most of the time the currencies do not lose their balance easily so there is not any reason to increase the working hours. Finland, which is accepted as an economically developed country, has started decreasing the working hours of its workers. However, even they do not know what is going to happen in the future, so they started decreasing the working hours of a small group of workers.

Japan might look like a villain compared to Finland or any other country which has shorter working hours, but, that does not make their politics of workers totally wrong. Japan has always been poor in natural resources required for economic activities such as mining or refining oil. However, the reason they had a well-developed economy is that they know how to manage the usage of manpower (population) and make them work in the right way for their country’s own good. So, they work more and hard to keep themselves on the top of the worlds most developed countries.

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