Influences of Art for Everyone

” The purpose of arts education is not to produce more artists, though that is a byproduct. The real purpose of art education is to create complete human beings capable of leading successful and productive lives in a free society,” said Michael Dana Gioia who is a full-time writer and an American poet. Stressing the importance of art is nearly impossible. Unfortunately, many people do not realize that and they think that it’s not that important. Other than that, art is considered just as a painting by some people. But actually, art is a way that you can express your opinion, emotion, and even your logic through music, literature, film, sculpture, paintings etc. Back to the point, art is not being taken seriously as much as it needs to be taken. There are a few ways to prevent this from happening. 

To start with, schools should include art lessons in their program even if their curriculum is too tight.  Art education has many effects on students, like increased self-confidence. It is observed that many students lack self-confidence and this problem, together with other problems, are following them even when they are grown up. One of these problems, for example,is the lack of self-understanding or self-awareness. Enhanced communication skills and improved cognitions are also one of the many effects on students. Other than confidence, communication skills are also very important. Many people cannot understand each other because of the deficiency in communication skills. All these skills are to be learned at school as a child. Exactly at this point, I believe that art education plays an important role.

Secondly, as far as the one-to-one lessons outside of school are concerned. The fact still remains that in schools the education of art will not be as efficient as a one-to-one lesson. I think that art is presented wrong with the current education in the school. So, I believe that governments should provide teachers who will give free one-to-one art lessons to children until a certain age for everybody without making any exceptions. This can be any kind of lesson, like, music, sculpture, painting, singing, etc. Children firstly should know what art is and then decide whether they want to keep doing it or not. Doing so, everyone would be introduced to arts so they would have the opportunity to at least get to know what art is.  

In conclusion, teaching children art lessons and providing them with a certain knowledge of arts, would assist them both as a child and as adults in their future lives to cope with many difficulties in life and work. It would enable them, as mentioned above, to communicate better, to improve self-awareness, self-confidence and many other important values.  



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