Injustice Rules the World

      Life is shorter than we think. Every moment, our life is running in a countdown. Although we know this, we have to face some facts. Perhaps the consciousness of an end that we experienced closest to us has hurt people for centuries. This will continue as long as humans are humans. To try to escape death is to live without pride.

      Life is too short to tolerate injustice. It is so short that a great injustice can bring the end of us and our loved ones. From what we see every day, there are big injustices happening. And it will continue to exist. Because it is not possible to stop all the injustices in the world. What we can do too is to stare after these unavoidable injustices, for months, years, maybe forever. An example of this is the thousands of people who spent their lives waiting for justice to be served.

      This world has seen hundreds of serial killers, filled with tons of tears by the loved ones of the people who were killed. The most painful thing was that some murderers could walk freely until the end of their lives and failure of justice for innocence. Those innocent people have experienced the last and greatest injustice they will ever see in their lives. They passed away without realizing their dreams in this life just because of a mentally ill person. Desperate families awaiting justice are left behind. But some lived for years without having any idea who the murderer was, let alone justice. These murderers made fun of the authorities and played all kinds of games on innocent people. There are many examples on this subject. Just like the Zodiac Killer. In the letter he wrote to the newspapers, he mentioned that he had killed 37 people and sent coded letters about himself at regular intervals. It is confirmed by the police records that the Zodiac killed 5 people and injured two others. Didn’t these murdered people have a life? They didn’t deserve to be killed because of a madman whose identity could never be found. An example is the New Orleans Axeman. The letter sent to the newspaper by the killer who broke into people’s houses and attacked them with an axe is blood-chilling. In the letter, the killer tells about his fondness for jazz music and sets a night. He says he’ll be passing through New Orleans that night, and if someone doesn’t have a jazz band at home, he’ll kill them. That night, New Orleans almost resounds with jazz music. In the face of this man, everyone is taking precautions to protect their lives. No one dies in the city, as the murderer promised that day.

      The most important thing we need to know is that only we can get rid of injustice in this life. We must know how to protect ourselves so that we can survive in this cruel world. In cases where the law is not sufficient, there is no one but us to protect our lives.


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