İnner Peace

I think the answer to this question depends on many factors. If there is a truly sincere belief, it liberates. Because people are always looking for someone to take shelter. From time to time, when he is down or feeling bad, he needs someone he can trust and say that everything will be fine in the end. It’s like a child-mother relationship. The child is frightened one night by the sound of lightning, and then runs to his mother and asks, “What’s going on, Mom?” And it’s enough for her mother to say everything will be fine. Because she trusts him endlessly. Faith is peace of mind. So it should be reassuring. Every religion has its own rules. Sometimes it is not easy to follow these rules, but if the belief we believe in comforts us, we follow those rules even if it is not easy. It’s actually a mother-child relationship. The mother tells her child to go to bed when it is late. He doesn’t want children. She screams, she doesn’t want to go to bed, but in the end, what her mother says happens because her mother wants her well. And the child does not get angry with his mother because he knows that his mother wants his best in the end. He is comfortable because he trusts him. I think this kind of belief liberates a person because his soul will be free later.

So what kind of faith is the enslaving faith? Usually, this is social pressure. You believe what the majority of the society you were born in believes. He does it without inner peace and confidence just because everyone else is doing it. He tries to. But because he does not know what those conditions are for, after a while, a hatred arises in that belief. However, there is no chance of not believing in that belief. Because society says you have to be like this, if you don’t you can’t be with us. He continues to do it without finding inner peace and loses inner respect after a while. Maybe if he had found this belief in the first place, this wouldn’t have happened if he had started to believe it himself. Maybe this belief is really not for him and he needs to look for new beliefs that make him comfortable. Because if a person is not comfortable with the belief he believes he can’t be happy for all his life.

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