Inner Solitary

Think of a moment, you are with your favorite people and having fun, but suddenly you feel lonely. Probably, we all have experienced this feeling at least once. So, most of us can agree that being alone doesn’t just mean having no one, sometimes it could be an emptiness as well.

Majority of us have large friend groups, families. But when we are all together, occasionally our mind just walks away from the room and you realize that there is a feeling which disturbes you. Normally, we can’t diagnose what it is nevertheless we all have a lurking awareness of feeling lone.

                    Sometimes, when we are in the crowd alone, we unintentionally compare ourselves with the others. We just talk with inner of us like that “They have strong bonds and communication skills. Do i have that kind of real relationships?”. And it makes us feel that way again.

In such that big world time to time we can’t see the others near to us or we think that they can’t see us. So, do you think we can say solitary is a garden with an on only tree?







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