Innocent For Life

The most innocent creatures in the world are animals, and then children. They open their eyes unaware of everything; when they are born. Imagine an innocent girl (or boy, it doesn’t matter) no more than 7 years old, not ready for life. But at such a young age, she has to struggle for life. And she’s starving to death. You were involved in a crime to save the life of a young child. You thought you do the right thing, as you should. And the government says they will punish you. Is that a crime? I think not. According to the law, it may be so, but if we look at it morally, this is not a crime. There is a saying: illegal ways that ensure justice. I think this remark is very true. The justice of life is always one step ahead. It is not a crime  to feed an innocent child no matter what. You may also be saying that crime is a crime. Actually, I’d say it’s a bit of a dominance issue. There are two different defenses, and one is as follows; as I mentioned earlier, it’s about dominance. Which side will win, the innocence of the child or the evil of the crime? It depends. If you killed a person fort hat, or do something equal to this. You may be in trouble, and as morally, I should say that that is out of government. If we look at it completely morally and social way, we do not know how innocent that person is. So, maybe it’s look little ridiculous but that is more evil. Actually government would be say that thr same think. Finally, we can argue in some way. It is such a complicated subject. There is human rights, children rights and protection, but if I add them in this context, I cannot handle what I will be wright. So, I decided to explain my ideas as purest as possible. I think, no matter what saving a cild life is most important thing. I can do so many thing to save a innocent life and I hope that is the right thing.

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