Innovation Is In the Hands of Younger Generations

Since ancient times, people have lived in communities with an instinct of unity and togetherness. They have been guests in each other’s lives and have shaped the society that will be formed by making various criticisms about each other. Thus, the lives that are contrary to the society and not accepted by the majority are carved and integrated into the society. So, is this culture of sculpting and adapting from ancient times strong enough to affect our day?

Human beings tend to adapt quickly to new environments and conditions. They tend to adapt by making various adjustments in their lives within a certain period of time, without being noticed by the changes in their environment. But are the people who adapt to these changes around them always accepted by society?

These changes to adapt to the environment do not always point in the direction of society. Each individual stands out with the differences they have made in their own lives and keeps up with society. Some changes that people make in their own lives are not accepted by society, they are excluded and harshly criticized. This desire to criticize and sculpt from ancient times is at the center of human relations today.

Society, in other words, the great majority, wants to expand further by connecting each individual to themself. However, such a situation is only possible if each individual thinks in the same direction, the same way, and there is only one truth. It is not possible for human beings, who are moving away from monotony, to have a truth and to unite in a single thought for every individual in society.

Individuals who illuminate the monotony and ordinariness in the light of creativity are condemned to contradict society and be carved. It is precisely in this case that harsh and ruthless criticisms of society about the individual come into play. The individual is criticized, despised, and excluded as if they had committed a crime. The individual, on the other hand, becomes ordinary, monotonous in order not to be excluded from the society, not to stand out, and not to be under heavy criticism, and each individual presents what the society wants to achieve to the society with their own hands.

Who knows how many dreams, how many goals have been extinguished for the sake of mediocrity. Who knows how many people have prevented the future goals of society in order to adapt it to itself. So why does society follow such a path? Society, unlike human beings, does not prefer innovation or change. Innovative movements and thoughts that are contrary to the tradition and culture that have lasted for years are not preferred by society. At this point, the society, in addition to preserving its traditions, becomes an anti-innovation formation consisting of old-fashioned, old-minded individuals.

The new generations that have come to the world have opened their eyes to life as the pioneers of creativity and change. All young people, starting from their own environment, have started to initiate changes that contradicted baby steps. Society, which is not ready for this, tries to prevent young people at any time and try to change their ways. However, with the new generations opening their eyes, creativity will be at the center of life and a brand new society will be built. That’s when; A social structure will emerge where innovation and creativity are accepted and a life based on old traditions and cultures is rejected, just as it should have been in the first place.

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