Innovative School “Ad Astra”

Do you think schools in Turkey provide a good education? As might be expected, many people are dissatisfied with the education situation of the country. So can this system be changed? How to innovate? Obviously, I do believe that this is quite challenging. My advice is taking more qualified schools abroad and setting them as examples for us to improve our education system. There are pelnty of the mentioned schools all over the globe.

It is known that Elon Musk has opened a technology school called “Ad Astra”. That follows a different path in education. But what kind of education? A really exclusive education where about  50 students between – 7and 14 years old- can get educated. This school does not conduct the  official curriculum like other schools do, its system is based on each student’s interests.  In order to be accepted to this school, it is necessary to pass a test created by child psychologists. So “Ad Astra believes in developing future leaders through multidiscpilinary problem solving and reasoning through first principles.” the school’s spartan LinkedIn page says.

The school does not care about  students’ grades, the school  focuses on critical thinking, problem solving, and teaches children what to do when solving a problem. According to an interview conducted by  Peter Diamandis of Josh Dhaan in 2017, Dhaan states that sports and music are not on the curriculum. There is no foreign language education too, as Elon Musk believes real-time translation software will replace language learning.

Actually, I find that quite logical. For example, how logical is it for a student whose aim is to study abroad to take a history lesson in Turkey? How much do universities  care if I know the history of Turkey or any other place? Especially if I am a student with mathematical intelligence. And it is significant that millions of students, including me, have complaints about it.

To conclude, as Albert Einstein said “Everybody is a genius. But if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing that it is stupid.” That is exactly what I consider. I think opportunities should be offered according  to people’s interests and skills. In my opinion the qualifications of people should be taken into consideration in the education system. I strongly believe that to achieve this goal the number of schools that care the qualify need to be expanded.

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