It was the first day of kindergarten. We all were sitting in the break time, we all were strangers to each other. No one made any noise, just sitting. Once the lesson started, the teacher made groups of two color some papers. Due to the activity we all started to talk and socialize.

My partner and I only painted the papers at first, but after a while we started talking and discovered that we had a lot in common. Like we both lived in the same neighborhood,

 we both liked to swim, we both liked to watch TV and we both liked birthday cakes.

After that day we always talked, we were inseparable. If anything happened, we supported each other. If there was a group project, we would directly look at each other.

In the end of the year, we got our ‘report cards’ and went to a park in our neighborhood we spent the rest of the day there playing games, running around and eating junk food. The rest of the summer went like that. We even got lost in our neighborhood.

Before the school started, we learned that were in the same class which we celebrated riding our bikes. And we also went to shopping for school stuff.

The first day of 1st grade, we went to school together and straight went to find two empty spaced which we did. The first lesson was meeting. The second lesson we talked about our summer holiday. The third and then the fourth then the fifth and it went like that.

In the end of the first day, we went to our school bus which had this weird hanging place in the top of the bus. He climbed there and hanged there for a while until he had a headache.

The years went by we were going to pass to high school and we were very exited to that until we learned that I was moving out of the country. It was one of the saddest news we had. We weren’t going to be able to do the stuff we always did.

A year later we had lost contact and had no idea about how we were. We were strangers again like the first hour of kindergarten.

Years went by and we both became successful people. I was an engineer that gave speeches about the projects we were doing and planning to do. He was a doctor.

We had this new project so I was going to give a speech about it. I took the podium to give my speech, accompanied by applause. I was just about to start talking when I saw him in the crowd. I remembered the old times then snapped back to reality. I gave my speech and went back to backstage, grabbed my bag and ran out to find him. Once I was out of the backstage I saw him standing there. We had met again after years. It was a nice reunion. We were again inseparable. We were again those kids who got lost in the neighborhood.


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