Intelligence against Hardwork

Living in an epoch, which has seen the most intelligent scientists or the leaders in the everlasting humankind’s history, is sometimes making me think about the fact that ”Did they work hard to achieve this success?” or ”Is it their natal gift?”.

”Most people believe in intelligence, I don’t believe it, it’s labor that separates us from each other, I believe in working.” says a Nobel Prize-winning scientist, Aziz Sancar. It’s so demonstrably clear that without hard work, no one can achieve huge successes. To be frank; for me, intelligence is a blessing in disguise. There’s an argue that because Albert Einstein was different from others and pretended to go school, intelligent people are crazy or separated from the others. Also they are not even able to realize small differences but intelligence is very game-changer in some points too. For instance, let’s assume that there’s a class and there are 24 students. A hardworking student will be able to catch the points of the lesson after working upon it and after trying to solve some problems. But an intelligent student starts 1-0 from the beginning. Because he/she doesn’t need to solve problems or work hard. After few minutes of listening he/she will be able to solve every single question or problem he/she is facing with in that topic.

On the other hand, there’s an other fact that, as Aziz Sancar says, after some points intelligent won’t be enough. For instance, my brother was born in 1997 and he took university exam (YGS-LYS) in 2015. He didn’t study enough because he knew that he was intelligent and just solve half amount of tests in compare to his opponents. To be frank, he was successful in the exam and accepted from the university he wanted but his opponents got accepted from higher ranked universities. That’s because they worked hard and reached their dreams.

Consequently, hard work is easy work. That’s an idiom which means after you get used to work hard, it won’t be hard as usual. Intelligence is an inborn talent and after some points, without hard work, it’ll become a bit a dozen. So as you work harder, you’ll become more likely to reach your dreams and success. 


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