Intelligence or Work?

The ability to grasp the relationship between abstract or concrete objects with the help of intelligence concepts and perceptions, to think abstractly, to reason, and to use these mental functions in harmony with a purpose is called intelligence. Although there are different definitions of intelligence, all theories of intelligence converge on the point that intelligence is a capacity or potential to be developed and has a biological basis. Accordingly, intelligence is an individual’s innate, inherited from generation to generation, and includes the functions of the central nervous system; It is a combination shaped by factors arising from experience, learning and environment. Labor is the human resource created during the production of goods or services. They are the physical and intellectual contributions of those who produce.

Intelligence makes great progress in the first ten years of life. During this period, the fastest development takes place in the first two years. A person whose behavior consists of a few reflexes in the beginning becomes a person who can walk, talk, solve some simple problems, establish cause-effect relationships, make simple plans, and remember at the end of two years. The ability to think in symbols begins at age 11. Although the speed of intelligence decreases after the age of 12, it continues to develop. The highest level of development is reached between the ages of 14-18. Mental strength remains at this level until the age of 30. At later ages, the success in learning new material begins to decline slowly, but the learned information is not lost, on the contrary, as the age progresses, the skill in using the knowledge gained due to experience increases.

Start from thinking that intelligence affects everything. Definitely clever! Look around you, there are those who work for 10 hours and cannot beat the people who work for 2 hours. The fact that overworkers have difficulty speaking and staring in social circles may be due to their low intelligence. Success is directly proportional to intelligence, but its proportion to work can be said to be oval. If you don’t have a certain capacity, work as much as you want, it won’t work. Intelligence is important. Because the work of a man who works hard and does not have the capacity to use the opportunities will be wasted. The smart man works and creates opportunities for himself. He sees things that cannot be seen. The wise man may also not have to work hard. Because with his quick wit, he finds a practice for everything. Intelligence is important because you can think from different perspectives and look at it from many different angles. The working man thinks only of the existing. A person who uses his intelligence also thinks beyond. This is what real success is. Intelligence should not be overestimated. Edison has a nice saying. “To what do you owe your success?” they ask. He also says, ’95 percent work, 5 percent intelligence’. Intelligence is luck for a person. However, if a person who is not very smart sets his goals well and works hard, he will be much more successful than his peers. There is a formula called “intelligence + experience = intelligence”. If a person combines his intelligence with experience, he becomes wise and successful. An intelligent person may make wrong decisions if they lack experience. He cannot achieve success according to his intelligence.

Finally, if you ask my opinion, the effort put into something precedes intelligence. Labor is equally valid for the success of every human being. But every person has something that is not at the same rate; potential. Each person’s potential is different, but people with higher potential are not likely to be more successful. Some people can surpass people with higher potential by putting in a lot of effort. Because no matter how high a person’s potential and intelligence are, they can never be successful people without working and putting effort. That’s why I think it’s more important to work while climbing the ladder of success.

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