Internal Conflict, Conscience and Willpower

Good and evil are quite relative concepts. Of course, when it comes to good or evil, we all have some examples in mind. But these were rather abstract examples r. If I need to explain this in the simplest way, for example, an act that was done in good faith can be perceived by the other person as completely evil. Or a favor done can end badly. These are actually situations that we encounter a lot in our daily lives. For example, we have all heard the phrase “In fact, he had no evil purpose“ many times. This statement is one of the most well-known examples of the situation described in this paragraph. At the same time, good and evil are quite mixed and subjective concepts. Most likely, none of us will ever know what real good and evil are. Because these concepts will always have different effects on different lives. The main thing that I want to talk about in this article is how people have these concepts. Because people come up with these concepts of good and evil and then take action.

In my opinion, people are bad by nature. Goodness actually comes out of this though indirectly. To put it a little more clearly, I think that good exists as a result of controlling the evil inside a person. Because it’s really a simple thing to do evil. The difficult thing is to put aside these evils that you think about and do something good. in fact, this situation that I mentioned can also be identified with the concepts of conscience and willpower. The concept of being conscientious means being good, especially in our country. At least that’s how it settled in my mind. Willpower, on the other hand, is something that should always be controlled. So if you control your will well, you will be able to control yourself. As a result, you leave a more controlled impression of your surroundings.

I would also like to talk a little about the opinion that human is good by nature. People are always creatures that are more inclined to do evil. Because people are able to think and easily perceive all the events taking place around them in their own world of the mind. Of course, everyone interprets events according to themselves. Even if there are similar thoughts, each person puts the events that take place around him into an interpretation, combining them with his own experiences. At the same time, people can also be very selfish and greedy when their place comes up. These feelings actually come from within a person, so it is in the nature of a person to be greedy and selfish. But only some people are able to control and suppress these bad feelings. As a result of this, people who can be content with little and think about others also appear.


In fact, these two ideas also have a place in different religions. For example, Muslims believe that people are good from birth. Christians, on the other hand, believe that the newborn baby is a sinner, and for this, newborn babies are baptized. In fact, it states what human nature is more inclined to in these religious beliefs. At least some religions give clues about this issue to their members. Of course, we cannot base these thoughts on a definite religion. Because these are kinds of thoughts.

In my opinion, no definite conclusion can be reached in this dilemma. But I think that good is a concept that evil comes together with conscience, and willpower and arises as a result of the internal confrontation. Because they keep themselves in control as a result of the facts that people believe individually or because they feel responsible for the creator. In fact, the essence of humanity is that good or bad, if a person has the concepts of conscience, willpower, and the ability to think correctly, it does not change anything. We can compare this a little bit to the relationship between intelligence and working perseverance. Although the essence of a person is good, if he/she does not conduct internal questioning correctly, this will not help to become a good person.

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