Inventing Time Machine

One day a mathematician, creative, imaginative, and also interested in science named Erdem was going to take an exam that is of great importance for his future, he encountered a tall, bespectacled, old man at the door of the exam hall. This man stops Erdem and tells him the answer to the 8th question in the exam. Erdem looks at the man in surprise. Seeing this man for the first time in his life, Erdem enters the exam hall without saying anything to the man. 20 minutes after the exam started, Erdem came to the 8th question. Unable to solve this question, Erdem remembered the option the strange man had said, waiting in front of the exam hall, and had no choice but to tick it. After the exam, Erdem wondered who this man was and made a few tours around the building to find the man, but there was no sign of him. About a month later, when the exam results were announced, Erdem saw that he had answered this question correctly and could not believe his eyes. He also realized that if he didn’t answer this question correctly, he wouldn’t have a chance to study at the school he wanted in England. He was even more surprised when he realized this. How did this man know one of the rare questions that Erdem could not make in the exam and asked him himself? Erdem thought about this event thoroughly, but could not find a logical explanation and continued his life.

About 10 years later, thanks to the school he attended in England, Erdem began to dream of making an invention that could be the greatest invention in history. He decided that this invention could be the time machine. But he wasn’t sure where to start. First of all, he decided to work purely theoretically. After researching for about 3 years, he had made a lot of progress but got stuck somewhere. That’s when he met the man he saw in front of the exam building 13 years ago, in front of his house. The old man wore exactly the same clothes and didn’t look old at all. Also, his clothes never got old. This seemed rather strange to Erdem. Afterward, the old man handed Erdem a small piece of paper without a word and left. Erdem tried to talk to the man and tried to find out how he knew the answer to that question that day, but the man ran away from Erdem. What can Erdem see when he opens the paper! The solution to the problem he was stuck with was right in front of his eyes. With his mouth open, Erdem solved the theory needed to invent the time machine with this paper. Once again, the tall, bespectacled old man had helped Erdem at an important point in his life.

Erdem, who invented the time machine after this event, celebrated with the happiness of having realized his dream. In the meantime, of course, he couldn’t get the old man out of his mind who helped him. A theory came to his mind, but he thought it was too crazy to be true. He thought the old man was his future self. If someone had told Erdem that such a thing would happen, he would have said it was impossible.

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