Inventions: Hard To Believe

I have been always open for new ideas. I like to evaluate them, and an unexpected one can be incredibly beneficial to my life. So, why not? But, I am a child of 21th century. So, maybe, this could be something from the modernity of my century. Here is the thing that I need to curious, what if I were a lady who lived about 200-300 years ago, how would I react to new invention.

I have some ideas. First, to understand them I need to think like an old person. Just imagine, you are live a very pleasant life, you do not need anything new. But than a man comes and says he invented something that he calls the light bulb and he has found another lighting system other than candles, and that will chance everyones life. And this light bulbs work with electric, again, you have never heard a Word, an idea like this. Of course I was scared. Even though ı cannot touch that stuffs for 2-3 months. I t is hard to get use to, as well as age like that. They can’t think properly, because they are scared. And ı can not blaime them, because  I know I would scare too. Even electric was does not make sense, how would I expect them to adapt such a huge invention like that. And in the end of 19th century, things just got crazy and crazy. After electric and light bulb, a huge invention, they heard. Called phone, an you can hold a tool to your ear and talk with your family, with your friends, with your neighbor who lives down to your Street. Even if they are not there! We are kid of technology we are  born with technology, we are raised with technology. Our life would be wird if we does not have phones, but could you think, how does that sound to people in the 19th century? And you can not decide what you are gonna think about that.

Most of the people can’t It sounds very ridiculous? And I bet there is some of people who thinks that is the inventioned by devil, and sended to the earth for made them a sinner. Yeah I know, people’s thoughts can be scary sometimes…

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