Investing in the Present is Investing for the Future


There are billions of planets in galaxies in an ever-expanding universe with unknown borders. As more planets are discovered outside of Earth’s solar system, scientists are raising their guesses about life occurring elsewhere than on Earth. It is debated whether life can be sustained on different planets and galaxies. These thoughts aim to live outside the borders of the Earth in the future and to secure the future of people. On the contrary, there are those who think that life outside Earth will be very difficult and costly, so they think it’s more important to focus on investing in Earth.

First of all, we should ask ourselves the following question: When there are so many problems to be solved in our world, how much does it make sense to spend on building different habitats?                                                              Also, if we compare the living conditions on different planets and galaxies and the living conditions on Earth, Earth is the most suitable planet for life for other living things, including humans. For instance, the famous astronaut James Reilly talks about the surface of Mars being dead. He even mentions that living on Mars is worse than living in the driest desert on Earth. With the wonderful oxygen, food, and water in our atmosphere, we have many possibilities. But humans have been searching for signs of life on other planets around us for years. Can a person who lives comfortably on Earth survive on other planets in the universe?                                                                                                            As you know, in recent years, it has been struggled with many global problems such as air pollution, water pollution extinction of species and overpopulation. For example, the fire that broke out in some cities of Turkey in August destroyed many forests. It also takes large amount of money to put out fires, start tree planting, and restore forests. As well, the use of fossil fuels, the destruction of forests and industrial activities in the world increased the amount of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere and climate change occurred. To solve this problem, it is important to invest heavily in renewable energy rather than using fossil fuels. In addition to these problems, many countries in the world are experiencing economic problems, and I think it would be more logical to invest in countries with low incomes instead of unknown galaxies.

As a result, the world offers us all the opportunities for the highest quality of life. A huge planet with enough green space, oceans, glaciers and land. And I don’t think we need more of these possibilities. The important thing is to appreciate this chance and to use it consciously without destroying the resources. If we do not want to face more problems, we must live without disturbing the order of the Earth. If we can find solutions to today’s problems, we will already be investing in our future. While we want to discover new planets and expand our living spaces, we should not destroy the resources we have, our Earth.

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