We people are always afraid and unfaithful. However life is an experience that we share together. It is not something to be achieved, it is something to be in. Like a feast on a Friday evening it is joyful and unified. All the fighting and wars mean nothing in this table. We are all longing for the life that isn’t ours. 


This discrimination this foreigners… Making us leave each other behind knowing that we are common souls on the ground. Why patronising became the way we work, talk and live. The debate about who is lower and who is higher. The outsider sucking the soul of hours. We must know that humanity and people are humble. 


Living must be done alone if you drag another person with you that becomes a murder of their soul. You cannot dismiss yourself and your fears by hurting another one. Nature is all around you, nature is you and your family, nature is the country and the sea ,nature is the sky and the ground, nature is all around us.


The harmony between nature and you it’s simple. You saw you give. You’re like a tree, free and lonely. You have roots and leaves. Roots that let you remember about your past . Leaves that let you rise for the opportunities. The tree is free even though it has roots. Because freedom is not being able to move or being able to talk, it’s being able to stay because nobody needs to run to be free.


From the day we are born till the day we die, there is always running. Running towards a goal, towards a loved one, running from something ,running with something, running until something. It’s a vicious cycle that we cannot seem to break. It is that outsider that leaves us tired and confused. 


But there is no reason to be confused. Just as a flower blooms we will bloom. It is natural and beautiful with so many emotions and stories. That’s life, no matter what people say, that’s life. You are expected to be there as the main guests in your own story.


And all of this starts and ends without realising the crowd around you. You are in the forest covered with beautiful and also ugly trees. You are not alone but you are lonely in your own experience. You move to the direction of the wind together. It is like the song that you sing together, it is the march of the alive.


Whatever happens there is always a feeling left. Missing what was yours to begin with, missing what you want it to be yours, missing the times that you’ve lost, missing the peace you’ve never had and missing your pure self. 


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